Major John MacBride – A BALLAD

Hurrah for Major John MacBride,

For him we give three cheers,

For Ireland’s grand old cause he died,

With the Dublin Volunteers.

He fought the English ten to one,

And tamed their Saxon pride,

But now our gallant chief is gone,

Brave Major MacBride.

With Kruger and the fearless Boers,

He fought for liberty,

And when he sought the Irish shores,

He came to set us free.

For this he laboured day and night,

For this he fought and died,

A martyr for our country’s right,

Brave Major MacBride.

Poor crimeless Éirinn droops her head,

And mourns with blood and tears,

Her faithful sons in battle dead,

Brave Irish volunteers.

When will the red stream cease to flow?

When will her tears be dried?

And who will raise the flag laid low,

With Major John MacBride?

(Air – “Who fear to speak of ‘98”)

Collected from Arthur Mc Evoy by Charlie Keating.

Track 15 on A drop of “The Port”, Songs of Westport.

Charlie Keating (2003).